Student ID Policy

Students will be required to wear their school issued student ID on the front of their body resting between the shoulders and waist during the school day.

Wearing a badge is a standard workplace expectation and of several key practices that contribute to a safe and orderly campus. Students, staff, and visitors are required to wear an official ID badge at all times and in plain view while on campus. Badges are also necessary to sign in & out of campus, purchase cafeteria items, borrow library books, and receive technology support. Use hall passes and other classroom or campus procedures. 

Our number one priority at Austin High is student safety. With that in mind, we ask for your support in taking proactive measures to identify students on campus. AHS Administration is requiring students to wear school-issued student ID badges on a lanyard or a clip. Wearing an ID will distinguish students from non-students, preventing young adults – or students from another school – from blending in on our campus during school hours.


IDs will be available in the 2nd floor office before school and during lunch.