Counseling Department


Welcome to Austin High School where everybody is somebody! We are the home of the Maroons, and our creed is Loyal Forever! The counseling team is available to support students through their high school journey to meet their academic, personal/social, as well as, college/career goals.


The mission of the Austin High School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive, educational program that supports the academic, career, and social-emotional needs of all students. As professional school counselors, we are committed to advocating for students and collaborating with parents, staff, and community stakeholders. Our goal is to prepare all students with the knowledge and skills to become productive members of an ever-changing world.


Students are assigned to a counselor based on the first letter of their last name. Counselors support students across ALL academies at Austin High School.


Catherine Grant

512-414-2505 Ext. 71850


Ann Margaret Hudson

512-414-2505 Ext.


Karla Flores

512-414-2505 Ext. 71603


Erin Hall

512-414-2505 Ext. 71619


Stacey Haenchen (lead counselor)

512-414-2505 Ext. 71639

Special Education Counselor

Sylvia Chavez

512-414-2505 Ext. 71842

College & Career Counselor

Brandie Cleaver

512-414-2505 Ext. 71656

Crisis Counselor (Licensed Mental Health Professional)

Sherri Patton-Grubb

512-414-2505 Ext. 71562

Testing Coordinator & Dual Credit Contact

Diana Clawson

512-414-2505 Ext. 71555

LMHP (Counselor referral required)

Jaime Escareno




Some of the specific services offered by your counselor are listed below. In addition, additional staff are available to support a variety of specific needs, such as testing, wellness, academic support services, etc. Never hesitate to come to us first if you have a question or need direction. We are here to support you any way we can.

  • GUIDANCE AND PLANNING: AHS counselors work to help students develop and use the skills and attitudes needed to reach their full academic and career potential, as well as advance their personal and social growth during high school and beyond. This may include:
    • guide students in their post-secondary college and career planning
    • advise students in developing an individual academic 4-year plan for high school graduation
    • coordinate and present developmentally appropriate guidance lessons
  • COUNSELING: AHS counselors are responsive to the personal concerns, challenges, and needs of students at the developmental, preventative, remedial, and crisis level. This may include:
    • individual and group counseling
    • intervenes in and helps remediate crisis situations
    • social/emotional support
  • SYSTEM SUPPORT: AHS counselors coordinate with a broad network of people, resources, and services to ensure student needs are addressed.
    • consult with parents, teachers, administrators, and others to support student needs
    • assist students and their families navigate services and resources at the school and community level
    • coordinate with colleges and universities to provide information to students
    • coordinate school-to-career programs