Facility Use–AHS


Please follow these procedures when AHS Staff and AHS Organization (AHS Booster & AHS PTSA) is requesting to use the building for an event. 

You will need to contact the Facility Manager via email to check on building use availability. Once the location, date, and time is confirmed availability you will submit an AHS Staff Facility Use Form. Custodial staff will be assigned to all weekend events, and the organization-holding event will be charged and paid via supplemental for their hours worked. 

Click the link below to submit your application.

Please allow two business days for your request to be processed and approved by Dr. Bedford. The Facility Manager Linda Garcia will send you a confirmation email when your event is approved and added to the Austin HS Master Calendar.  

Below is a list of areas that can be requested by AHS Staff & AHS Organization: 

  • PAC 
  • Bandhall 
  • Preas Theater 
  • Library 
  • iLab 
  • Cafeteria 
  • Café Austin 
  • Classroom(s) 
  • Track, Football, and Soccer Field 
  • PE Gym (Auxiliary Gym) 
  • Big Gym (Competition Gym) 
  • Maroon Room 
  • 3rd Fl Conference Room 

Please let the Facility Manager know if you plan to visit the campus during the weekend to discuss AC needs, security or custodial needs. Your AISD badge does not allow you entrance to the building during the weekend and you may set off the alarm. A fee will be charged to the campus when AISD Police have to come out to turn off alarm system and AISD Police Dept. will notify Principal Dr. Bedford about the incident. 

Friendly reminder there is NO access to AHS campus on Sundays due to AISD Facilitron building reservation. With the exception of scheduled Fine Arts rehearsals and performances.


  • Organizations requesting use of school facilities must submit a Building Use Application to AHS Facility Manger for Principal’s approval and signature three weeks prior to the date of the event.
  • The following requirements for organizers and individuals involved in temporary food service operations in Austin and Travis County:
    • An AISD Food Services employee must be present if AISD kitchens are used. If any food not prepared in an AISD kitchen will be served, a Temporary Food Event Permit must be obtained from the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Department (application attached).
    • Contact the Food Services Manager at your campus at least 10 days prior to event. For large events, it may be necessary for the event organizer to meet 1 month prior to the event in order to properly plan food and sanitation facilities.
    • Complete and submit the Temporary Food Event Information Form.
  • Principal approves or disapproves the request and Facility Manager forwards the application to the Department of Planning and Asset Management.
  • AHS Facility Manager makes custodian, utility and other arrangements necessary to support the facility use request.
  • The Department of Planning and Asset Management sends the applicant written notification of the approval or disapproval of the facility use request with an invoice outlining payment due to cover cost of event.
  • Policy requires all building/custodial fees be collected in advance so the AISD budget is not negatively affected. Payments received are deposited in the District’s general fund. Fifty percent (50%) of the Facility Use Fees are rebated to the campus.

Below are the steps that the applicant must follow to begin the application process:
1. Submit a building use application to the AHS Facility Manager for Principal approval and signature three weeks before the date of the event. The application is available for download at https://www.austinisd.org/facility-use. The campus will submit an approved/disapproved application to the Facility Use Office.
2. Attach a copy of the organization's liability insurance certificate with all district minimum coverage requirements and endorsements. Insurance guidelines are available for download at https://www.austinisd.org/facility-use.
3. Attach non-profit documentation, if applicable. If the organization is for-profit, attach a brief explanation of how the event will contribute to the betterment of the school organization.
4. The applicant and campus must receive written approval confirmation from the Facility Use Office before programming can begin.
5. The applicant must pay facility rental fees to the Facility Use Office before programming can begin.


 Please contact us below for the updated fee schedule.


  • Non-profit organizations (with a valid federal 501(c)(3) or a non-profit status letter from the State Comptroller’s Office) receive a 50% discount on Facility Use Fees. Fees may be further reduced or waived if the event is deemed to be a particular benefit to the District, school or community and custodian costs are covered.


  • Minimum Custodian Costs of $35 an hour per custodian on duty will be charged in addition to the facility use fee. If actual custodian costs are higher than $35 per hour, the actual cost will be charged. Custodian costs begin at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the event and continue at least 30 minutes after the end of the event. Fees for additional staff and services will also be charged at a flat rate of $35.00 per hour unless otherwise indicated. Custodial timesheets cannot be processed without the Building Use Application.
  • Waivers and Discounts are not applicable to fees required to cover custodian or other support staff costs.

For the safety of the campus ALL exterior doors are to remain closed and locked in the main building, Preas Theater, Band Hall, and PAC, unless supervised by AHS staff member.

For AISD related emergencies, please call AISD Campus Police at (512) 414-1703.



Board Policy GKD (Local) permits public use of school facilities by non-school groups for educational, recreational, civic, or social activities, when these activities do not conflict with school use or Board Policy. Non-school groups are organizations other than school-sponsored groups (e.g., student clubs, school teams) and school support groups (e.g., PTAs, booster clubs).

For more information on district-level procedures, visit the AISD Facility Use website.

Contact Information
Linda Garcia
Administrative & Management Assistant to Principal/Facilities Manager
512-414-2505 Ext.71561
Austin High School
1715 W. Cesar Chavez
Austin, TX 78703