Academies at Austin High


Academies are smaller learning communities on a larger campus. At Austin High School, our teachers are scheduled on a team so they work with one cohort of the same students -- and that means an English, Social Studies, and Science teacher (and sometime Math teacher!) can work together to design projects and experiences.

All entering 8th graders select an academy based on their interests.  It's kind of like the "houses" of Hogwarts, but students are selected through a lottery process instead of a sorting hat!  Our academies are targeted for 9th and 10th grade core classes, but each academy includes a graduation distinction, travel opportunities, and a Senior Seminar Experience. In electives and in 11th/12th grade classes, all classes are blended with students from all academies, but students continue to connect with academy peers through service learning, graduation distinction opportunities, speakers' series events, field experiences, and learning expeditions.


The academies include:

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