Bedford's Blog: 10/23/2022

Maroon Family,

Saturday we hosted our 34th annual MONSTER Concert & Spooky Haunted House. This event was a huge success filled with games, family, and friends. Thanks to our Orchestra students and Mrs. Herrera-Solis for continuing to be “Loyal Forever”. 

Please remember that November 8th is a student holiday. If you have further questions please contact our main office.


The Austin ISD 2022 bond will appear on the ballot as three separate propositions, as required by Texas law. They are:

  • Proposition A: $2.3 billion dollars in general purpose funds
  • Proposition B: $75.5 million for technology
  • Proposition C: $47.4 million for stadiums


  • Academy Information
    • Our ASI academy completed their community service learning expedition this week. This event was capped off by a guest speaker. Our students were excited and were able to extend the classroom to the community. 
    • Our AGS Academy will host a learning expedition this week with a guest speaker series on Thursday. We are very excited for our students to experience this event.
  • Flexible Instruction Time (FIT)
    • We have updated our FIT/Advisory for students. This offers our students opportunities for tutoring or SEL lessons that will benefit them throughout their instructional journey.

Guest Speaker Mr. Miri executive director from the LCRA

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  • PSAT
    • The district PSAT day is listed as Oct 12th. Due to a conflict with SCAs, we are moving ours to Oct 25th, the backup day. PSAT will be given to 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. Seniors will have a specific plan for this day. More information for Seniors below.
      • Oct 25th PSAT Day will be a B-Day with a shortened schedule. 
      • The schedule for Oct 25th is:


8:30-8:45 Testing room assignments will be posted, and students report to their assigned rooms.
9:00 Proctors will take roll and begin test administration
1:30 Projected conclusion of testing and all materials gathered
1:30-2:15 Lunch
2:20-2:5 5th Period
2:55-3:25 6th Period
3:30-4:00 7th Period
4:05-4:35 8th Period
  • PSAT Day Info for Seniors

    • Seniors will have the morning of Tuesday, October 25, 2022, off-campus to complete post-graduation requirements.  Seniors must report to school at lunch or 5th period.  Seniors will attend classes for the remainder of the day.
    • Ms. Cleaver, AHS College Coach, will be available via email for students and see students at Mozart's Coffee located at 3825 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703.  
Time Period
8:30-1:30 Complete post-graduation requirements
1:30-2:15 Lunch
2:20-2:5 5th Period
2:55-3:25 6th Period
3:30-4:00 7th Period
4:05-4:35 8th Period
  • Fine Arts Update
    • Austin High Theater was asked by Music Theater International to do a national (pilot) premiere of the musical 13 Jr. 
    • The Marching Band received straight Division 1 ratings from all three judges at the UIL Region Marching Contest this week. We advanced to the UIL Area competition on Saturday October 29th in San Antonio. 


  • CTE - In progress  
  • Sped Science - In progress
  • Latin - In Progress


  • The Main Entrance is now located on the west side of campus. The Main Office and Attendance Office are located directly in front of the new west side Main Entrance (Room 148). The Health Office was moved back to the 2nd floor next to the Admin. Office. Please call the main line at 512-414-2505 if you have any questions or concerns. 

First Floor Main Office

  • Visitors Check-in & Check-out
  • Student Attendance Sign-in & Sign-out
  •  Pick up students
  • VOE Request & Pick-up



Second Floor Administrative Office

  • Principal's Office
  • Admin. & Management Assistant’s Office
  • Bookkeeper's Office
  • Registrar's Office
  • Attendance Specialist Office
  • Visit with Nurse & Medications