Dual Credit

Austin Community College

UT OnRamps

​Available ACC Courses on the AHS Campus
The following ACC dual credit courses are available at Austin High with AHS faculty:

  • English III                ENGL 1301,1302            Junior year (Fall/Spring)

  • US History                HIST 1301, 1302            Junior year (Fall/Spring)

  • US Government            GOVT 2305                Senior year (Fall or Spring semester)

  • English IV                BRIT LIT 2322*            Senior year (Fall semester)

  • College Algebra            MATH 1314                Senior year (Fall semester)

Library Resources for ACC Dual Credit Students
Accessing ACC Student Email on AISD Chromebook:

  • It's recommended that you use a personal computer, desktop, or cell phone to log into your ACC Student Gmail account, as you cannot have multiple Google profiles active on your AISD Chromebook. However, if you need to access your ACCmail on your AISD Chromebook, you can log onto the Chromebook with your ACC student EID. When done, you will need to log off again and log back on with your AISD credentials in order to resume your AISD school work.

As a Dual Credit student, you have access to BOTH your high school and college library resources. Learn more at the links below.

​Available UT OnRamps Courses on the AHS Campus
The following UT OnRamps dual enrollment courses are available at Austin High with AHS faculty, combined with a  UT Austin supervising instructor:

  • Pre-Calculus,

  • Physics 2,

  • Earth & Space Science,

  • English 3,

  • US History,

  • Research & Design (1 year per course)

UT Library Access for UT OnRamps Students

For any support needs, please contact the OnRamps Support Team:

For additional information or assistance, OnRamps students can visit the OnRamps Portal FAQ page (login required).